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Gillian said:
Friday, 7 Apr 2017
Fantastic information on the website as I am thinking of going into partnership with a family member to open a cattery.
Jacqueline said:
Tuesday, 21 Jul 2015
Very useful and helpful site. Thank you
Tracie said:
Monday, 5 Jan 2015
Very informative site
Frances said:
Friday, 17 Oct 2014
Hello, I am in the process of looking into running a cattery from an existing garage in my garden. This site has been an enormous help as I knew nothing before I read the information here, thank you
Geraldine said:
Friday, 18 Jul 2014
I am researching opening my own Cattery at the moment and all info is of use. I am particularly interested in how to go about the construction, insurance nad licensing. I live in Ireland Many Thanks Geraldine
Jane said:
Thursday, 26 Jun 2014
I'm looking at starting a cattery in the next 18 months, when I leave my current career in the health service - your site looks as though it will be a great help - I am looking into some distance learning and also work experience into cattery management - so any help on this in the future would be great.
Lisa said:
Tuesday, 10 Sep 2013
I have loved your site, its well informed and easy to use. I have found it very inspiring.
TRISH said:
Monday, 21 May 2012
Hello, I am considering opening a new cattery and an looking at all your information - great website! thank you
Karen said:
Thursday, 27 Oct 2011
A very informative and well-presented site.
Sheila said:
Wednesday, 20 Jul 2011
I am thinking of starting up a cattery at home here in South Africa, so while a lot of the regulations may not apply, I am interesting in reading all your other comments in this regard.
Heather said:
Friday, 22 Apr 2011
Great web site very helpfull
Maria said:
Wednesday, 9 Mar 2011
Fantastic website, I am at the research stage and it is raising lots of queries that I will be following up. Thank you.
Lisa said:
Sunday, 24 Oct 2010
Excellent site and information as complete novices but with a small pet boarding business established, we are now looking to expand.
Linda said:
Tuesday, 10 Aug 2010
What a great website. I am looking thinking of buying a cattery business and didn't have a clue where to start. Your website has all I need to know to get started. Many thanks!!!
Monica said:
Saturday, 7 Aug 2010
Thank you this site is really helpful, I will refer to it often, I want to start a cattery and need all the information I can get.
Annie said:
Thursday, 15 Jul 2010
We have just started a small boarding cattery. What a great site to find!
Catherine said:
Tuesday, 13 Apr 2010
Great website - very informative & clear
Kimberley said:
Thursday, 8 Apr 2010
This website is very useful for research because I am hopefully going to set up cattery.
Neil said:
Saturday, 6 Mar 2010
Great useful site
Angela said:
Friday, 1 Jan 2010
Great site, with lots of very useful information.
Janet said:
Tuesday, 20 Oct 2009
I am thinking about opening a cattery, what a fantastic site this is, lots and lots of information.
Tony said:
Sunday, 18 Oct 2009
Great easy to use site with loads of helpful information.
Vivien said:
Friday, 28 Aug 2009
Really, really useful, thank you.
Laura said:
Tuesday, 11 Aug 2009
Fantastic website. Excellent information. Very clear and well laid out.
Elizabeth said:
Wednesday, 22 Jul 2009
This is a dream I have had for a long time hope one day soon I can achieve this thank you for your information
Paula said:
Sunday, 21 Jun 2009
One day my dream of having a cattery may come true. This is a very informative website and tells you everything you need to know, fantastic!
Sarah said:
Wednesday, 27 May 2009
Very useful info,
Sharon said:
Thursday, 30 Apr 2009
Great site, very informative and helpful!
Fionuala said:
Saturday, 18 Apr 2009
Very informative site.
Mel said:
Tuesday, 14 Apr 2009
It is my dream to run my own cattery one day and I have found this site very informative. It has helped me to find out what I need to think about and do and has shown me my dream is achievable.
Elizabeth said:
Tuesday, 24 Mar 2009
A very informative site.
Coleen said:
Wednesday, 21 Jan 2009
I am reading as much as I can on starting a cattery and down to earth plain simple approach is much appreciated. You can never ever know enough. Many Thanks Coleen
Siobhan said:
Sunday, 18 Jan 2009
What a fantastic website! I am thinking of opening my own cattery and have found the information on your website invaluable. This is the type of detailed information that potential cattery owners need to build up their knowledge and confidence to take the next step, thank you.
Steven said:
Tuesday, 14 Oct 2008
Thankyou I found your website very interesting and informative.